Offering Free Treatment for Skin Picking Disorder as Part of a Research Study

We are conducting a research study on the use of exposure therapy for Skin Picking Disorder. If you qualify, you will receive:

• About 10 sessions of free behavior therapy consisting of:
o Habit Reversal Training and Stimulus Control Interventions
o Exposure Therapy
o Earn up to $50 for participating

To participate in the study, you must:
• Meet criteria for Skin Picking Disorder.
• Have no previous treatment experience with cognitive behavior therapy for skin picking.
• Be at least 18 years of age.
• Be able to speak and read English.
• Commit to approximately 3-4 months of weekly treatment with a 3-month follow-up assessment
• Be willing to complete up to 30 minutes of out-of-session practice per day.
• Be willing to complete a short (~5 min.) assessment each day by either:
o Logging into secure online system
o Leaving a voice mail
• Be able to travel to the research center at 3700 N Williams Ave, Portland OR.

If you are interested in learning more…
• Please leave a confidential message with your name and phone number at (503) 281-4852, ext. 214 or send secure message through this website.
o Someone will return your call, ask some screening questions, and answer your questions about the study.
o If you are still interested and appear to be an appropriate candidate…
 An in-person meeting will be scheduled to gather more information.